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There's something I was thinking about, and something I found disturbing I saw on an episode of Swat Kats. I believe the episode was "Chaos in Crystals" (I'm not sure this is the episode, I only saw this episode once as far I remember and back in 2000). I'm basically talking about the episode where the characters are turned into lifeless crystals, or at least unconscious crystals. And possibly Rex Shard was the responsible villain for all this.

One part that made an impression on me and I don't know if this was in the "Chaos in Crystals" episode or another Swat Kats episode but in one part, one of the cat characters (not T-Bone or Razor thank goodness!) was turned into Crystal and then knocked over to the floor and broke to pieces. This is the focus of this blog.

True other characters were turned into Crystals but by the end they were turned back to normal. But I think the one that was turned into a crystal and knocked over died due to being knocked over and broken to pieces. I don't think he was ever recovered or brought back to life.

I mean I don't know exactly what happened to him, I don't remember seeing him after he was pushed to the floor and broken, but I don't think he survived.

And if that's the case, this was very sad, at least to me. Not just sad, but a tragedy, so it's possible a character death occurred in this episode, although I could be wrong.

The character was possibly Warden Meece. Like I said, I only saw this episode once and I hope anyone reading this can give me an answer or clarification, namely of what happened to the character that was turned into Crystal and pushed over.

I know all the characters that were turned into Crystal but left intact were returned to normal and returned to consciousness and activity but the one character that was pushed over, unless I'm mistaken, was never turned back to normal and I didn't see anyone try to put him back together so that character probably died.

Okay I just found this:

So it was Warden Cyrus Meece and he was the one knocked over and broken to pieces. I assume he was killed in that accident, although I'm just now learning he was a villain. Even so, that was still a tragedy. At least I'm not the only person who knows about that thanks to the posted above link.

ADDED: Nevermind I found a link that might have answered my question:

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