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The Pastmaster

The pastmaster is an undead sorcerer from the Dark Ages who tried to conquer his home city. He traveled through time using his magical mechanical pocket watch, and with his magical book The Tome of Time, he was able to summon extinct or mythical creatures such as dinosaurs and dragons.

Although the tome was destroyed in his first appearance, he sought to transport Megakat City back to the Middle Ages where he would become its ruler. He first appeared in "The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice." In "A Bright and Shiny Future" the SWAT Kats were drawn into a future where the Metallikats together with the Pastmaster had created a Terminator-inspired future where machines ruled over katkind.

All the Pastmaster really wanted was to go back home to his own time. He was occasionally shown to lust after Callie Briggs (the "spitting" image of her ancestor Queen Callista (As seen in "Bride of the Pastmaster" when the SWAT Kats travel back into the Dark Ages), who is the Pastmaster's ancient crush). He repeatedly captured her and "asked" her to marry him (as every king needs a queen), but Callie would have none of it and hotly refused. He disappeared without a trace in "The Deadly Pyramid." Its possible that the Pastmaster used his watch and escaped back to the Dark Ages. He is voiced by the late Keene Curtis in the original English version.


As the undead he had

  • Immortality
  • Superkat strength - (he was seen destroying a lamp post and multiple robots with his bare hands)
  • Sorcery - he is a very adept sorceror, able to cast spells, and use all manner of dark magic.

His pocket watch granted him the following:

  • Time Travel - used the watch to open time vortices
  • Energy blasts - ranged in power from knocking kats off of their feet to blowing a thirty foot wide hole in Old Megakat Bridge
  • Animating the inanimate - brought a stuffed sabretooth tiger to life
  • Necromancy - one of the first abilities he uses, he summons and reanimates two skeletons to dig for his Tome of Time
  • Technopathy - used the watch to open an electronically locked door and reactivate the Metallikats
  • Levitation - was seen levitating up to one of his vortices