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This article is about the episode; for the characters, see Metallikats.
The Metallikats
Season 1, Episode 5
The Metallikats.png
Air date October 9, 1993
Written by Jim Stenstrum
Directed by Robert Alvarez
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The Metallikats is the fifth episode of season one of Swat Kats.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other Characters: (In order of appearance)

Creatures: (In order of appearance)

Memorable Quotes

In the Salvage Yard's office, Chance is sitting in front of a TV with a hero sandwich in one hand and a glass of milk in the other. Scaredy-Kat shrieks in comedic horror on the TV as Chance erupts in a fit of hysterical laughter. Suddenly, Jake walks in holding a newspaper.

Jake: Have you seen the paper?

Chance does not answer, so Jake holds the paper in front of the TV, blocking Chance's view. He swats Jake's hand away.

Chance: Hey! I'm tryna watch Scaredy Kat. It's an 80-hour marathon!

Jake: Well, it's about that fire we put out. Paper says it was caused by a pair of robots called the Metallikats.

Chance: [annoyed] Fine, let Feral handle it. Now if you don't mind, I'm-trying-to-watch-Scaredy-Kat.

Jake: Chance! It says here the Mayor's in danger.

Chance ignores Jake and points out the TV screen. Jake, annoyed, steps out of the way.

Chance: [giggling] Look, watch what happens when Scaredy Kat opens the closet again!

On the screen, Scaredy Kat opens a door revealing an attractive she-kat who hands him a bomb. Just as he lets loose his signature scream, Jake steps in front of the TV again.

Jake: Callie could be in danger too!

Chance laughs hysterically at the TV but suddenly realizes what Jake just said. His eyes go wide and he darts offscreen, spilling some of the sardines he was eating all over Jake. As Jake picks them off his overalls, the camera pans over to Chance, now fully dressed in his T-Bone persona.

Chance/T-Bone: Hey, come on, you slouch! We've got work to do!