Eye Color: {{{eyes}}}
Hair Color: {{{hair}}}
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Affiliations: {{{affiliation}}}
Occupation(s): {{{occupation}}}
Vehicle: {{{vehicle}}}
Weapon: {{{weapon}}}
Alias: {{{alias}}}
Voice Actor: {{{voice}}}


Credit to the One Piece wikia for the formatting of this template.

Simply copy this code into the top of a character page and fill in the fields.


Technically it does not matter where the fields go in the above, as long as they are there, but for simplicity they are listed as they are shown.

Using the code

Most of what to do with the fields is self-explanatory. However, the fields jpname, roname, relative, nick and extra are usually hidden unless called upon by their own specific templates For example, the following would produce a simple character box:

The backcolor refers to the color behind the text color which is textcolor. To get colors use the HTML color codes, without the #, and which can, for example, be found here or by searching for it. For example:

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