Sergeant Talon was an able-bodied and loyal Enforcer officer, never identified by name. He is usually seen at Commander Feral's side. The Sergeant is completely loyal to Feral and always follows his orders without question. A kat of few words, the stern Sergeant normally says nothing more than, "Yes sir!" in response to Feral's commands.

Talon's first chronological appearance was when he assisted Feral in trying to solve the mystery of the missing body of Dr. Elrod Purvis (it was later revealed that Purvis had been revived as the mutant Dr. Viper). Later he tried to arrest the Pastmaster as he came out of the Megakat City Museum of History with the Tome of Time, and was almost stepped on by a Megasaurus Rex for his troubles.

He was at Feral's side during the siege of the Megakat Tower. During Mutilor's attempt to steal all of Megakat City's water, the Sergeant was dispatched to personally look for the missing Felina Feral, but although he only found her crashed jet and bazooka.

It is unknown if he is related to Talon the prison guard.

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