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SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game based on the animated series of the same name.


For most of the game, players can choose to play as either Razor or T-Bone. For the most part the two are virtually identical when it comes to playing, but Razor is equipped with a jetpack that allows him to fly for brief periods and thus reach higher areas somewhat more easily.

A variety of enemies appear in the game as minions of the various bosses. Organic or magical enemies, when defeated, dissolve into brown bubbles, while mechanical enemies explode.


Various areas in Megakat City are under attack by criminals, with the SWAT Kats receiving information on the various incidents in memos addressed from Mayor Manx.

World 1: Dr. Viper

In a loose adaptation of "The Giant Bacteria", Dr. Viper unleashes giant bacteria monsters and other mutated creatures upon Megakat City. After traveling through what appears to be a construction area filled with hazardous materials, both SWAT Kats board the Turbokat to engage the most massive of the bacterial beasts. They then pursue Dr. Viper into a toxic industrial complex.

World 2: Madkat

Madkat creates an amusement park, Madkat Land, and uses it to lure in the the innocent kat children of Megakat City, forcing the SWAT Kats to come to their rescue.

World 3: Pastmaster

In a loose adaptation of "Bride of the Pastmaster", the SWAT Kats attack a monstrous creature to save a ship, only for the Pastmaster to send them back in time to Megalith City. They are thus forced to fight their way through a medieval landscape inhabited by various monsters the Pastmaster has under his command

World 4: The Metallikats

Backed by a force of robots, the Metallikats rob a bank in Megakat City, forcing the SWAT Kats to pursue them.

World 5: Dark Kat

Unlocked after the other four worlds are completed. The SWAT Kats receive a message about Dark Kat's Fear Ship, and are asked to meet with the source of their intel. This proves-unsurprisingly-to be Callie Briggs, rather than Mayor Manx. Unfortunately, Hard Drive appears and abducts Callie on Dark Kat's orders, forcing the SWAT Kats to pursue them on the Cyclotron.


Under Commander Feral's watchful eyes, the criminals-minus Hard Drive-are marched into an Enforcers prison. Much to Feral's dismay, they immediately escape by blasting a whole through the back wall.