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The malevolent Red Lynx.

After his bi-plane is shot down and fell back into the sea, Red Lynx still desires revenge.

The Red Lynx was a pilot who dominated the skies during Mega War II (an obvious reference to real-life World War II), known as the most evil pilot in history.  He shot down any who dared oppose him, until he himself was shot down by Mayor Manx's ancestor, the Blue Manx.

After his plane was recovered from the bottom of the sea and put on display in the museum, the Red Lynx's ghost came back for revenge against his hated enemy. The Blue Manx having been dead for decades, the Lynx had to settle for the Manx's descendant, the mayor. His flying skills were such that even in his antique biplane he was able to cause serious damage to the Turbokat.  He was shot down, but this was only a temporary setback.

After his biplane fell back into the sea, he stole a prototype Enforcers jet and resumed his quest for revenge. The only way for him to be defeated for good was to be shot down by the Blue Manx's descendant, so the SWAT Kats helped the mayor (under the opportunistic premise of instant re-election) to do so. Mayor Manx, in a lucky strike, shot down Red Lynx, terminating him permanently.


  • He is a parody of Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, the infamous Red Baron.