Randall was a photographer for the Megakat Geographic Magazine, who worked with Dr. Abby Sinian during the excavation of the Katchu Pichu ruins. When the Pastmaster showed up and summoned forth the Lost Pyramid of Katchu Pichu, Randall snuck inside the structure, hoping to get pictures of its interior. As a result, he was set upon by a swarm of giant mummies after being spotted by the Pastmaster. Randall fled in a wild panic, taking the excavation camp's only Jeep, leaving Dr. Sinian and her assistant Henson behind. This didn't save him for very long. One of the huge mummies targeted the Jeep with its beam-gun and fired, hitting the engine. The Jeep smashed into the side of a cliff, throwing Randall clear from the vehicle. He survived, and got up and ran. His fate after that is unknown.

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