Mutilor was the murderous leader of a group of alien space pirates who hijacked an Aquian spaceship to steal all of Earth's water and sell it to a race known as the Zarhabi.  Mutilor's orders are unquestioningly followed by his henchmen, most notably his second-in-command Lt. Traag.

Mutilor was at first unimpressed by the Earthlings' resistance as his squadron of spacecraft overwhelmed the Enforcers.  However, when the Swat Kats arrived and started defeating his armies, he figured taking the planet's water wouldn't be as easy as he had first thought, and moved his ship into a higher orbit.

When the Swat Kats boarded the Aquian ship and started freeing the captive Aquians, Mutilor confronted them face-to-face, and would probably have defeated them had it not been for the intervention of Lt. Felina Feral in a stolen spacecraft. He took off in his escape craft and tried to take revenge. The resulting battle disabled the Turbokat, but not before Razor slipped one last missile past his defenses and lodged it in the escape craft's main weapon.  Mutilor fired this weapon, causing the missile to explode and killing him as a result.

Mutilor appears only in "When Strikes Mutilor."  He is voiced by Michael Dorn in the original English version.

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