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This article is about the characters; for the episode, see The Metallikats.

"Bullets don't stop the Metallikats...nuthin stops 'em.." -Fango

Mac and Molly.

The Metallikats are a pair of robots known to terrorize Megakat City. Originally a husband-and-wife criminal team, Mac (voiced by Neil Ross) and Molly Mange (voiced by April Winchell)-they drowned during their escape from Alkatraz prison when the boat they were in was hit by a larger boat. Professor Hackle later uploaded their minds into robot bodies, intending them to be the first in a line of lives saved by his work, only for them to return to crime with their enhanced abilities.


Before the accident

They first appeared in "The Metallikats" where they kill Katscratch in cold blood and injure the rest of his gang. Their bodies were found by Professor Hackle's robot servants and their minds were placed into the brains of robots. Molly was initially horrified by the transformation, though Mac soon saw the appeal of their more powerful new forms. Hackle had hoped that his life-saving process would be the start of making amends for his years of weapons development, but regrettably by saving their lives he unleashed them upon Megakat City.

Using their new abilities and weapons stolen from Hackle, the two began their new life of crime by attacking their former accomplice Katscratch and his gang. They later pursue a vendetta against Mayor Manx for denying their parole request, though it turned out that Deputy-Mayor Callie Briggs had done it, as the mayor was too “busy” to handle it. However, the SWAT Kats learned of their activities from Fango, one of Katscratch's gang.

In "Metal Urgency," Hackle-now aware of the Metallikats criminal tendencies where he was previously ignorant-intends to reprogram them. He had intended for the pair to serve as his housekeeper and chauffeur, unaware of Mac's terrible driving and Molly's lack of cleanliness. After seeing the Puma-Dyne Macro-Bots Hackle had designed on television, however, the pair escaped, laughing at the professor's intentions. Making their way to the SWAT Kats junkyard to recover their car, they both discovered the secret identities of the SWAT Kats. However, this knowledge was erased when Commander Feral deactivated them in the same episode as Commander Feral quotes "I don't deal with scum" when they offered to reveal the SWAT Kats' identities to him.

In "Katastrophe," their remains were salvaged by the Creeplings when Dark Kat collaborated with Dr. Viper in a plot to eliminate the SWAT Kats. Dark Kat had special collars placed on the Metallikats' necks which gave them a shock when they didn't do what Dark Kat said. They were sent to capture Mayor Manx and Callie Briggs which was a success. This ended up drawing the SWAT Kats and Commander Feral to the villains' hideout at an abandoned offshore cannery. When the Metallikats turned against Dark Kat, he discovered that Dr. Viper deactivated the collars. In a battle between the villains, Commander Feral, and the SWAT Kats, the villains were defeated and were thought to have been destroyed.

In "A Bright and Shiny Future," the SWAT Kats follow the Pastmaster into a future where Pastmaster had reassembled the Metallikats and had taken over the robots. The Metallikats turn on the Pastmaster and steal his watch. With help from Commander Feral, Felina Feral, Professor Hackle, and the Pastmaster, the SWAT Kats defeated the Metallikats as the Pastmaster reclaims his watch, and in the end, erased this possible future.

Personality and traits

Mac and Molly often bickered with each other, but would come to each other's aid when one was in trouble, and it is shown that they truly care for each other. Mac was considered the "muscle" of the team, while Molly was considered the "brains."


  • The pair seem likely to be a reference Bonnie and Clyde as a criminal couple, though unlike Bonnie and Clyde they were married.
  • In some ways they are quite similar to the Superman villain Metallo.