Katzmer was the owner of Katzmer's Curios. This small, unassuming old kat had in his possession a haunted kat-in-the-box, possessed by the spirit of Madkat. Katzmer apparently studied Madkat's history as a hobby, for he was able to tell escaped lunatic Lenny Ringtail everything about the long-dead jester when Ringtail came by his shop. After Ringtail stole the cat-in-the-box and allowed himself to be possessed by Madkat's ghost, a distraught Katzmer went straight to Enforcer Headquarters. The less-than-helpful Lieutenant Commander Steel was more interested in kicking back in Feral's office than helping Katzmer, forcing the old shopkeeper to wait all day. Luckily for everyone, the SWAT Kats paid Enforcer Headquarters a visit in order to protect Deputy Mayor Briggs, and Katzmer was able to tell the vigilantes Madkat's only weakness, which led to the villain's defeat.

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