Sergeant Gray Taylor was a rookie Enforcer pilot assigned to Felina Feral. The two interrupted Dr. Harley Street's attempt to steal Super-Katalyst 566 from Megakat Biochemical Labs, during which time Gray was bitten by an escaped prisoner who'd been converted into a Ci-Kat-A drone and turned into a drone himself. After this, he returned to Dr. Viper's lair in the Dead Forest with Street and the other Ci-Kat-A, where Viper betrayed them. Street was turned into a giant black scarab creature, while Gray and the other converted kats were turned into huge grub worms. Along with his fellow mutated insect-kats, Gray was killed by the SWAT Kats while attacking the Megakat Nuclear Plant.

Gray would've appeared in the unfinished episode The Doctors of Doom.

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