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The Enforcers are a paramilitary police organization tasked with protecting Megakat City against various threats. Led by Commander Ulysses S. Feral, they are the city’s first line of defense against those that threaten to harm Megakat City and its citizens.


The Enforcers employ various weapons to combat the threats of Megakat City, ranging from pistols to missile launchers, tanks to choppers down to experimental weapons, though those tend to be stolen before being used.


The Enforcers are standard equipped with assault rifles and pistols (usually holster). After assessing the threat level do other weapons become deployed. Rocket launchers are often scene early into an episode when threat assessment isn't necessary such as when the Pastmaster summons a Megasaurus Rex in the first episode.


The Enforcers utilize many different vehicles for combat as well as transportation. The most common vehicles are Enforcer Sedans and Enforcer Choppers as they often appear in the beginning of virtually every episode. Usually later in an episode that the Enforcers bring in Enforcer Tanks to try and stall large enemies as was the case with Volcanus and Rex Shard. Enforcer Fighters can also be deployed to combat air targets when necessary. The Enforcers also possess experimental vehicles as well such as the Macro Bots developed by Pumadine Labs, though those vehicles always get hijacked before they can be deployed.