Enforcer Jet

The Enforcer Jet is a retro-styled single-engined fighter jet and is the primary fixed-wing aircraft used by the Enforcers.


The Enforcer jet's design seems to be inspired by a number of early jet fighter aircraft produced in the 1940's-1960's. The most notable features of the jet that support this influence are its thin wings that are perpendicular to the fuselage, and its jet intake, which is housed in the nose of the plane. The design of the jet most closely resembles the Soviet-built Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9 or the Swedish-built Saab J-21 Tunnan but with a twin tail. The latter design may be more likely, as the Turbokat is partially based on the Saab Draken jet fighter. The Enforcer Jet appears to have been produced in both single-seater and two-seater variants, as both are seen throughout the series.


The Enforcer Jet houses one laser cannon/machine gun in each wing and four additional cannons housed in the nose. Based on Chance Furlong's dialogue from the flashback in Night of The Dark Kat, the Enforcer Jet may also have utilized missiles at some point, though none are ever fired in the series.


The Enforcer Jet's light, compact design should theoretically make it a quick, nimble and maneuverable interceptor. However, it is routinely outclassed by both the Turbokat and various other aircraft employed by villains in the series. In The Ghost Pilot, Commander Feral seemed to be aware of this fact and was eager to christen the new Blue Manx fighter, which was conceivably intended to replace the Enforcer Jet. However, the project was likely abandoned after the Blue Manx was commandeered by the Red Lynx and later shot down by Mayor Manx, as it is never mentioned again and Enforcers exclusively fly Enforcer Jets for the rest of the series.

Enforcer Jet with the Turbokat

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