The Dark SWAT Kats were malevolent dopplegangers from a parrallel universe where certain individuals who were good in the main universe, were evil.


The Dark SWAT Kats were encountered when the regular SWAT Kats jet was hit by lightning and transported across the dimensional axis, where they quickly discovered through mistaken identity that the SWAT Kats of that world were enemies of Megacat city, and allies of Dark Cat. The regular SWAT Kats appear in time to prevent their evil counterparts and Dark Cat from setting off a bomb created by Dark Cat that was going to destroy Enforcer Headquarters.

The SWAT Kats and the Dark SWAT Kats encounter each other later on get into a lengthy fight, at the end of which the Dark SWAT Kats, utilising much more brutal technology, manage to subdue their good counterparts and set them up for arrest by the Enforcers. The good SWAT Kats are mistakenly let out by an evil Callie, and go on to engage their evil selves in a dogfight (or, more correctly, cat-fight) to prevent them from using Dark Cat's bomb, and are seemingly defeated, but make a dramatic reentrance and jam the bomb bay door of the Dark SWAT Kats' jet, causing the bomb to detonate inside and mysteriously erase them from existence.

Differences from the good SWAT Kats

  • The Dark SWAT Kats don't get along with one another since they would often go into fights with one another despite the fact that they work together to commit crimes for Dark Kat.
  • Unlike their good couterparts, Dark T-Bone is a clumsy and lousy pilot and Dark Razor is a bossy shot.
  • Their fighting styles are very violent because of the way they attacked a Puma Dyne security officer and they seem to enjoy hurting people.
  • They have missiles and gauntlets that are designed to kill their enemies.
  • Their appearance also differs, being less groomed, meaner looking in expression, having darker fur and black noses, and have green skulls on the helmets. Their voices also appear to be more gravelly.
  • The special features of their TurboKat is different from the regular SWAT Kats' version of the TurboKat.
  • They probably do katnip, an illicit substance banned in MegaKat City.
  • They rob banks and enjoy harming the Enforcers.
  • They hate Lieutenant Felina Feral.

What they have in common with the good SWAT Kats

  • They hate Commander Feral and the Enforcers.
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