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Dark Kat
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Unknown
First Appearance: "The Wrath of Dark Kat"
Affiliations: Independent, Katastrophe team (with Dr. Viper and The Metallikats)
Occupation(s): Crime lord
Vehicle: Varied
Weapon: Claws
Alias: None
Voice Actor: Brock Peters

Dark Kat is the main villain in Swat Kats. Some say he used to be a judge in order to get criminals on the streets instead of prison. He is a heartless, inhuman, manipulative, power-hungry, and dangerously brilliant crime lord, mastermind, and terrorist. His appearance is similar to a demon, making all the more menacing and intimidating. He was voiced by the late Brock Peters.

Dark Kat may have also been a tactician or a scientist, but one day he found something that warped his mind and body, and gave him control over the gargoyle-like creatures called Creeplings. He is feared by many other villains and the entire city.


  • Due to his brilliant mind and the scientific skill he exhibits, he may have been based on Doctor Doom, arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four. It has also been speculated that he was based off of the Kingpin, due to his status as a notorious crime lord, his inhuman strength and wielding a similar cane to that of Wilson Fisk.
  • His Creeplings and his own origin are unknown. It's not clear if he's a demon or a mutated scientist, and the same goes for his Creeplings. They may either be Dark Kat's creations or lesser demons.
  • In the episode Razor's Edge, Dark Kat didn't use the Creeplings to invade the Megakat Semiconductor; instead he employs ninja-dressed inflitrators.